Because our integrated service architecture affords clients the flexibility to configure or scale services to meet their specifications, it is not possible to list all rates. Instead, what follows is an explanation of how services are billed:

  • Design layout, content creation, curation and proofing are billed hourly, per-word, per-page, or per-project.

  • Retainer Plans are available for continuous services that are invoiced monthly or per a pre-negotiated schedule.

  • Large print runs require a deposit.

  • Small print jobs must be paid for prior to the start of pre-press work or printing.

  • Proofs must be approved by the client before the job is sent to our Xerox press. Consequently, no refunds will be issued.

  • Expedited services will exact a surcharge that represents 50% of the base service rate.

  • Courier service is possible at an additional cost.

  • Major credit cards accepted.





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