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Helping Clients Re-imagine the Use of Multimedia


360 VA Lab is the firm's research, development, and technical services divison. 360 VA Lab is dedicated to the ideation, re-imagination, and commercialization of multimedia. Multimedia is the core of our mixed methodological approach that is dynamic and cross-collaborative, in order to bring the best intellectual and digital resources to bear on our concepts and products. We specialize in helping our clients re-imagine the use of multimedia as a platform for solving critical problems and for producing measurable outcomes. 



360 VA Lab is operated by competent Creatives who possess 30 years of international research experience. We perform evidence-based and community-based research in the humanities and social sciences, exploring the intersection between these disciplines and applied multimedia. Our expertise in the RESEARCH space includes:


  • Performing evidence- and community-based research, data collection, and data analysis.

  • Examining the extent to which multimedia can digitize and visualize data for instructive, didactic, communicative, behavioral, and cultural uses.



360 VA Lab is also dedicated to the practice of applied multimedia. We welcome projects that provide opportunities for our Creatives to design multimedia to advance knowledge; to facilitate instruction and learning; to promote health and safety; to promote prevention/intervention; and, to engage audiences in behavior-changing interactivities. We harness the technical power of multimedia to deliver content, information, and training in the areas of empowerment, personal responsibility, and self-sufficiency for diverse audiences, particularly at-risk, hard-to-reach, underserved, and vulnerable populations. Our work in the DEVELOPMENT space includes:


  • Cross-media Campaigns (utilizing multimedia to promote our clients’ content, messages, and brands, to implement consumer-based communication strategies, and to bridge communication gaps between clients and target groups.
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Education and Services Navigation (increasing HIV prevention literacy, navigating individuals to services, facilitating data collection, and promoting engagement in health-seeking behaviors).
  • Micro-business Start-up Training as an Intervention (talent identification, business plan formation, resourceful acquisitions, and marketing, with emphasis on unbankable and non-traditional entrepreneurs seeking economic self-sufficiency).

























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