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Welcome to Our Design Studio

360 VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE is a design-led firm that creates multimedia for B2G, B2B, and B2C markets worldwide. We practice applied multimedia, designing print and digital media for application in various campaigns (educational, communications, and marketing) and for application as problem-solving tools. We provide technical document preparation services, including layout, graphic design, copywriting, editing, and publishing (print and digital). Our service architecture is integrated and virtual, enabling digital capture, project customization, efficient production, and remote collaboration for your convenience. Our unique 360 Process eliminates the need to send various components of the same job to multiple vendors. From design to implementation, jobs are processed in our secure studio which preserves the integrity of your proprietary media and which protects your bottom-line. 


Design Philosophy and Principles





360 VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE is design-led because we believe that great design enhances the form and function of your media. 360 VA Lab serves as the firm's research, development, and technical services division. 360 VA Lab is a creative space dedicated to the ideation, re-imagination, and commercialization of digital and print media, materials, and services that are assistive, behavioral, communicative, educational, entrepreneurial, interventionist, and promotional in scope. 

Digital Workflow


Our Digital Workflow allows us to capture your source  files, compose your content, and deliver your document or media via various apps, digital, platforms, and smart devices. Our digital workflow is streamlined for efficient processing and production. 

Integrated Multimedia Suite


We integrate print and digital media production to expand the cross-channel application, distribution, and marketability of your project or campaign in order to reach diverse audiences and consumers.

Virtual Assistance


Virtual Assistance means that we can remotely serve you at your convenience and at your location worldwide. Virtualization also increases the velocity of our workflow by enabling remote collaboration between our Creatives and consultants, resulting in efficient productivity that respects your deadline and protects your bottom-line.




We built CCaaS (Chain-of-Custody-as-a-Service) into our service architecture to safeguard your confidential and proprietary data and media that remain in our protective custody throughout the production cycle and until we deliver it to you.

 360 Process


Our unique 360 Process enables us to curate your media, from design to duplication, making 360 VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE your preferred one-stop studio for end-to-end multimedia creation. 

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